4 Sectors of Automation Your Marketing Company Should Look Into

As automation is one tech’s hottest sectors, it makes sense for your marketing company to hop on the trend. Not only can automation provide great resources for your company internally, but for your clients as well. And if this is a sector that you’ve been thinking about getting into, then I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how to get started. Check them out below:

Look Into Blockchain

As one of the core pieces of automation, the blockchain is one industry your marketing company should be after. Not only is this one of the hottest sectors out right now, but it’s also one that’s receiving a lot of attention and funding. Which, if you’re looking to start landing some clients in, then it’s imperative to look at what areas are getting the best token sales and investment, as well as why.

An excellent example is with infrastructure, which as noted by CoinSchedule, landed 25.8 percent of ICO investments in 2017. Basically, these are the aspects that are going to help the blockchain ecosystem to grow, however, bouncing off that have been some significant developments that could disrupt their respective industries. From a freight coin that’s revolutionizing the shipping industry to tokens that are helping the marijuana industry become more autonomous, blockchain companies could be a perfect prospect for your marketing company.

See What’s Happening With Contracts

Another industry that is constantly in need of more autonomous systems is with contracts, which your marketing could certainly take advantage of. As a lot of marketing companies utilize freelance designers and writer, it goes without saying that having an automated system to help with the execution of a contract could be crucial. While still an early technology, people like lawyer Aaron Kelly are trying to implement smart contracts on a wider scale.

What makes automated contracts so intriguing for the marketing industry is that it allows them to have a system where your freelancers are automatically taken care of with the terms being laid out well beforehand. For example, according to UpWork, the average rate for a graphic designer is around $45 per hour. If you’re looking to hire someone for a ten hour job, you can set the contract terms to pay them 50 percent up front, and the other 50 percent when they finish the job to your liking. Overall, this is one field you don’t want to sleep on, as it can help with a lot of your logistical items quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Forget About Voice Search

Another sector of tech that can help bring you and your clients more traffic is voice search, which is a slow but steadily growing trend in the tech world. In fact, as noted by branded3, voice search is expected to take up 50 percent of searches by 2020, which is a pretty staggering figure when you consider the sheer number of volume with that. And if this is one area of digital marketing that you’re looking to take on, then knowing the ropes of how people use voice search will be a must.

With voice search, the name of the game is solidifying what your search terms are going to be. As what we say to our device versus what we type is drastically different, being able to be ahead of the game on this could give your marketing company a serious leg up. Take a look and see what type of examples you can pull together, including how these aspects could help out your existing clients. All-in-all, as voice search is something that isn’t going away anytime soon, this might be a great selling point to include in your mix.

AI Is Still A Good Route To Keep Your Eye On

Although an aspect not talked about as much as it could, AI is still a good route to go down when it comes to automation tasks. Not only can it help with your own company’s internal services, but for your client services as well. Because as noted in CMO, 72 percent of business leaders believe that AI is an advantage to their firm. And if you think that your company might be the same, this could be an excellent route to go down.

See what types of uses that AI might have for your business, including how it could influence things like a call-to-action or other marketing materials. Additionally, try to source case studies that are relevant to your current client base, as these can serve as current and future use cases. All-in-all, as AI has been a technology that has a grounded foundation, this could be an awesome solution to consider for your marketing company.

What are you most excited about implementing for your marketing company? Comment with your answers below!