5 Modern Investments to make to Protect and Scale your Business

1. Improve your IT Security

In this day and age, hackers are highly advanced. You cannot rely on a security or protection system that you’ve had for years. IT security needs to be updated frequently, and it’s essential that you invest in the best of them.

IT hackers are able to steal your data and wreak havoc that’s damaging beyond repair. If your IT security is bypassed and your data or systems are tampered with, it can mean thousands of dollars lost - because most of the time they do enough damage that you are unable to use the system for days or weeks on end. And then, of course, is the cost of repairing the systems and retrieving your data.

There are agencies which will help you to improve your IT security. Tech Brain, is just one such company which come highly rated. Investing in strong IT security is certainly one of the best investments you can make. It can sometimes spell the difference between success and failure in your venture.

2. Invest in SEO

SEO is one of the greatest tools to improve your online visibility. Today, if you and your business is not visible online, you don’t exist. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization will ensure you rank on the search engines and are presented to the searcher when they search for keywords that align with your products or services. SEO is a way of catching your target customer, so that they are aware of your existence and your offering and will give you their business. Without SEO you will be missing out on revenue that could be generated from potential online customers. In this modern world, most people turn to online channels to look for businesses that can solve their problem or fulfill their need, and if you’re not there, and not visible, you will lose out on plenty of business.

3. Hire Experienced People

It’s essential that you hire experienced people. Yes, they are often a lot more expensive, but if you are serious about scaling your business it is an investment you have to make. Expensive hires end up paying for themselves. The growth they bring to the business and the revenue booster they provide, often surpasses what they cost on a month to month basis. If you are short on capital and have limited monetary resources to pay for experienced people, consider offering them equity in the business on top of their salary. This allows you to pay them a little lower than they may have been paid elsewhere, but they will be rewarded in the long run when the business is profitable, and one day sold. Providing them with equity is also an incentive, as they will be more motivated to see the business grow.

4. Connect with Industry Influencers

Industry influencers actually hold plenty of power in today’s times. Influencers are usually people with a high following on social media. Sometimes they are public figures/celebrities, and other times they are ‘normal people’ that are just really well respected in their specific industry (which is why they have a solid following). Try to identify the best industry influencers within your domain, and consider connecting with them. They could either advertise your product or services, or they could collaborate with you in some form. For example, many fashion influencers collaborate on a collection with small, ‘undiscovered’ brands, which of course, launches the brand in a way, and at a speed that would otherwise have taken months or sometimes years of marketing and effort. Influencers are a modern marketing tool, so consider investing in their reach.

5. Invest in Social Media

Connecting with influencers is just one way of ‘investing’ in social media, except this is a more indirect way of doing it. We’d highly recommend you establish personal social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While you may think it’s a waste of time, it’s a way to connect directly with your target customer. It’s a way to speak directly to them, build rapport and advertise your offering. It’s also a way to achieve brand awareness, especially if you are active. Today, most businesses even have a social media manager, because of how big the sphere is. Facebook for example also provides users with advertising opportunities which can specifically hone in on your target customer. Social media is also one of the most affordable marketing techniques and one of the most effective too.