5 Reasons Why You Need Dashboards In Your Marketing Strategy

What do you do every morning you switch on your computer? Or what is the first item that you look at on your cell phone every time a friend or family member asks to meet you? That’s right, your email. Many people are addicted to checking their emails. However, the most business-savvy marketers just check one thing - their dashboards. Perhaps you are wondering why this is so. It is because dashboards provide a comprehensive and true picture of your important tasks in relation to your business.

If you have a well-designed excel dashboard, it becomes easy to evaluate the position of your business depending on various activities. Here are a few reasons why dashboards are important in your marketing activities.

1. Instant visibility

Because dashboards give you a summary of all the important aspects of your business, you are able to keep track of all important metrics. Dashboards are a great way to indicate the standpoint of your business. You can get an overview of the performance of your marketing campaigns, and keep track of various performance indicators that you need to watch. Your dashboard will allow you to visualize everything from your web content traffic and its rate of conversion to sales generation statistics.

2. Saves time

Your dashboard allows you to review all aspects of your business for a comprehensive overview of its progress. It saves you the trouble of having to print reports and spreadsheets when assessing the progress of your business activities such as marketing campaigns.

3. Ease of reporting

Dashboards are great for decision making. Investors, clients, as well as board members can use them. They are an ideal way of presenting the organization’s most important information in a format that is easy to understand and digest. It saves you the trouble of having to use another software to present reports to your stakeholder. Dashboards offer you a platform to pull all the information you need whenever you need it wherever you are.

4. Employee motivation

The fact that dashboards show the general performance of any organization is a direct pointer to employee performance. With well-prepared dashboards, it is easy to make a comparison of the performance of employees alongside their goals. There is no better way to motivate employees than giving them a clear picture of the results of their efforts in real time.

5. Shows areas requiring improvement

Dashboards give an appropriate platform to measure the performance of a business’s activities. It is impossible to adjust your marketing approaches without a clear understanding of the present standpoint of your current activities. With a dashboard, comparing real-time results against your goals becomes easy. You are then able to reallocate resources or shift strategy depending on the need.

Visual metrics are a must-have in the marketing field and there is no better way to achieve this than by using a well-designed dashboard. Whether it is an excel dashboard or any other form of dashboard, it is the starting point for effective monitoring and improvement of your marketing campaigns.