9 Apps That Make Wedding Planning a Snap

Your wedding may be a dream come true, but planning it can be a real nightmare. You have to mail the invitations, book the church, rent the reception hall, and hire the vendors. Simple tasks, like ordering the cake or filling out the seating chart, become more complicated when you remember you have relatives with multiple food allergies or that if you seat your aunt anywhere near her ex-husband, who’s now married to your other aunt (long story), they’re likely to come to blows before the cake is even cut.

While there’s no easy solution to family drama, there are many ways to make your wedding planning easier with technology. Here are nine apps that will save time, money, effort, and your sanity.

1. WeddingHappy

One of the biggest challenges of wedding planning is doing everything far enough in advance. If you don’t make your reservations early enough, the venue could already be booked. If you don’t place an order early enough, your vendor can’t guarantee delivery. With so much to do, it’s easy for an important task to slip through the cracks.

WeddingHappy is a smart app that creates a timetable based on the wedding date you enter. It provides a detailed checklist, so you’ll know what to do when, and it stores vendor contact and payment information for future reference. If you’re dividing up the tasks amongst several people, you can sync your phones, so everyone is on the same page.

2. Appy Couple

If you’re dreading the cost of printing invitations or the hours you’ll spend licking envelopes, consider using this app to avoid the hassle. With Appy Couple, you can manage your guest list, design your own e-stationary, collect RSVPs, and share your itinerary. Your guests can use the app to message you with questions and book their travel.

3. AllSeated

You’ll need a pair of virtual reality goggles to use some features, but this app takes floor plans to a whole new level. AllSeated has a database of scaled 3D floor plans for thousands of venues, which you can tweak by placing your furniture and decor. You can also manage your guest list and create your seating chart. The collaborative platform allows your wedding planner, vendors, and bridesmaids to work with you in real time.

4. Veri

While you might be hiring a professional photographer for your formal wedding album, you’ll still want a collection of the candid shots your guests will snap. Rather than scouring social media for random photos after the fact, send all of your guests a pre-wedding invitation to Veri, an app that automatically connects to their phones’ built-in cameras. As your family and friends capture each memorable moment, the app shares all their photos to one easily accessible folder.

5. Mint

It’s difficult to stay within your wedding budget when you have so many separate expenses, and the last thing you need is the added stress of late payments or overdraft fees. Mint is the perfect app to manage multiple credit cards and accounts and keep track of bills from different vendors. You’ll receive notifications whenever a payment is due, or your balance is low.

6. Lola

If you’re planning a destination wedding, the logistics are particularly challenging. The power of AI, however, can simplify the process. Enter the details of your wedding destination, and your virtual travel agent, Lola, will generate options for flights, accommodations, car rentals, local restaurants, and activities for your guests during downtime. Best of all, you can use the app to book flights and hotel rooms 24/7.

7. Wedding LookBook

Finding the perfect wedding dress can be exhausting when you have to spend hours browsing at each bridal boutique, only to discover the shop has no dresses in the size or style you’re looking for. The Knot’s Wedding LookBook eliminates much of the legwork and uncertainty. Use the app to search thousands of dresses based on specific style criteria. Once you’ve identified your favorites, search for the nearest shop that carries them. You can also use the app to shop for rings and attire for your wedding party.

8. Honeyfund

If, in place of traditional wedding gifts, you’re asking for cash to fund your honeymoon or the down payment on your first home, use Honeyfund to set up a page where your guests can make donations securely and conveniently. Unlike some crowdfunding sites, this app doesn’t charge set-up or transaction fees.

9. Pantone Studio

When you’re trying to choose a color scheme, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the perfect shade somewhere online or in real life but not knowing what it’s called or how to find it again. With Pantone Studio, you can identify any color just by taking a photo. The app allows you to design a custom color palette, extract colors from images on Pinterest or Instagram, and share the finished product with your wedding party. If your bridesmaids are shopping for their own dresses, you can show them what “periwinkle blue” actually looks like, so you won’t end up with attire ranging from slate to teal.

What apps made planning your wedding easier? Share your thoughts in the comments.