Best Festival Of New Jersey

New Jersey has always been known for it’s buzzing nightlife, unparalleled solace, vibrant beauty and auspicious culture. But do you know that this is not all which makes New Jersey the hot spot for every traveller? There are many casinos over here where you can try your luck and win amazing prizes. Learn more here about the current offers running at Sugarhouse casino over here.

But if you still wish to get more from this city, then you should definitely know about the festivals celebrated over here that unite the people together and add a dose of happiness to even the withered faces. These festivals will also help you in getting closer to the culture of this place and will be the most joyous experience of your entire life. So let’s take a look at few of these festivals that add merriment in the lives of people.

Wildwoods International Kites Festival

It is one of the most popular kite festival celebrated in the entire region of North America. The festival not only marks the event where people fly a kite, but several kite workshops and exhibitions are also organized over here. Kite flyers across the world participate in this event and exhibit their art of flying kites with absolute ease. If you come to New Jersey, then you should definitely be a part of this festival. The entire sky turns colourful with the designer kites flying across different areas.

Bambozle Festival

If you love music, then this festival can add an absolute refreshment in your life. Contemporary musicians and pop singers from around the world gather at this place to showcase their exemplary talent. The festival is divided into nine different stages which include rock, pop, hip hop and other musical forms. This is the most popular and loved music festival celebrated in New Jersey, and if you visit this place, you should definitely immerse yourself into the melody of these talented singers and musicians. This festival is celebrated each year at the beginning of the month of May.

Beer and Music Festival

Have you ever thought how fine it would be if there could be a cocktail of music and beer? This unique festival welcomes breweries across the USA to be a part of this festival. You can groove with the finest music while sipping in beer during this festival. It mostly happens at the beginning of April and if y chance you’re over here don’t forget o have the best of music and beer all in one in this festival.