Choosing Between Paid and Free Antivirus Programs

When searching for an antivirus, you will come across two different types of antivirus programs; free and paid programs. However, there are distinctive differences between the two that you should consider when selecting the right antivirus. The first obvious difference is price. However, there are factors that differentiate paid from free antivirus programs. To understand the differences, you must first know the purpose of an antivirus. For starters, a reliable antivirus program ought to detect, prevent and remove malicious software. The difference in antivirus programs therefore is based on these functions. Here are some of the differences you need to know to determine the best antivirus for your computer needs.

Security features

A free antivirus has basic and limited security features. This type of antivirus only protects your computer from viruses. However, there are new computer threats manufactured on a daily basis. For maximum protection, you need a program with advanced security features. A paid or premium antivirus has advanced features that offer comprehensive protection. Besides protecting your computer from viruses, it also protects you from threats such as adware, Trojans, spyware, worm, root kit infections, keyloggers, ransomware and malware.

Technical support

The other difference is customer care support. Antivirus manufacturing companies typically limit their support for free programs. On the other hand, there is 24-hour customer technical support on all premium antivirus programs.

Limited functions

A free antivirus program can detect a virus but lack the capacity to remove it. Usually, you will find a notification message asking you to upgrade your antivirus program. If you are running a business using your computer, make sure that you have an antivirus with comprehensive virus removal functions.

It is clear that there are lots of merits associated with paid antivirus programs. However, most people avoid these programs due to the cost of purchase. It is important to note that paid antivirus programs are in different categories based on their features and functions. You can therefore choose a cheap antivirus program that offers similar functions and features to premium software.

When there are different types of antivirus, is it advisable to pay for an antivirus when there are free versions? The choice should be based on your computer needs. If you use your computer for playing games only, a basic antivirus would be appropriate. However, this will still leave your computer vulnerable to threats. The best decision would therefore be choosing a cheap advanced antivirus program.

Finally, remember to consider the antivirus brand. Antivirus programs differ from one manufacturer to the next. Some manufacturers offer cheap security programs that entail sophisticated and advanced security features. This means that you can find high security antivirus programs at pocket-friendly prices.