Four Ways the Cloud Is Changing the World

The future is here! The days of saving your information on your computer and losing it all when your system crashes is gone. With the cloud, you never have to worry about any of your important information going missing again!

Although having access to your files forever is something worth celebrating, there’s a lot more to the cloud than just storing your information. The cloud is changing the world right now and it will soon make life easier than you ever thought it could be.

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems in the business world make life a lot easier, especially if you can use compliance and risk software from Reciprocity that features an integrated dashboard. It means keeping tabs on production, customer service, and more from a single location.

It isn’t just business systems that are benefiting from the cloud. Smart home technology is evolving every single day that depends on the cloud. It won’t be long until you’ll pull into your driveway and your door will unlock itself, the lights will turn on, and the oven will start preheating itself to cook the chicken that you prepared the night before.

Cloud Classrooms

Universities and post-secondary schools have embraced online learning for quite a few years. It offers many benefits, including a flexible schedule, which is important for working adults who want to go back to school.

However, the cloud is enabling classes to reach people of all ages. The online classrooms of the future will likely feature:

  • A virtual locker, eliminating the need for paper, copiers, and printers
  • Unified communication technology so you can communicate with teachers, administrators, and other students instantaneously
  • Apps and game-based learning that will eliminate the need for textbooks

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are only just getting started. Plenty of corporations are testing various driverless car prototypes and are having great success designing cars that make fewer errors and cause fewer accidents than humans. Some states have even passed legislation in anticipation of driverless cars hitting the streets.

The cloud will make getting a ride easier and safer than ever too. It will enable vehicles to talk to each other and it will enable you to order a car on demand, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain one in your own driveway.

Enhanced Health

Our current healthcare system focuses on reactive medicine. You get sick and you go to the doctor to see if they can make you better. The cloud will enable us to focus more on preventative medicine.

For example, Google is testing a nano pill that can identify cancerous cells and tell a smart device what it has found in the body. Contact lenses already exist that monitor glucose levels in diabetics and communicate that information to their doctor. The cloud will make us healthier than ever.

These are only the ways we can see the cloud affecting the immediate future. Just imagine all the ways it will affect our lives that we don’t even realize! One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that life will never be the same.