How Should You Decide on Features for a New App?

When you’re about to start the development of a new app, you’re faced with so many decisions, and one of the most important are the features to include in the app.

There’s a lot of things to think about here ranging from the price of the app, to what your users will want and need the most.

According to the app development agency Buildfire, the more features and the higher the level of complexity an app has, the more expensive it is to create, so you aren’t going to be able to include everything if you’re conscious of your budget.

Along with price, what else should you think about as you choose which features your app will include?

Who Are Your Users?

First and foremost, any app development project you embark on should be guided by a deep understanding of who your users are or will be.

For existing businesses, this can be easier to determine, but either way, doing market research and identifying user personas is the best way to make sure you have the features users will want, and you eliminate the ones they don’t need.

As you are segmenting your targeted users, think about their pain points. Apps should be a way to fill a need or solve a problem, and that’s the concept that will guide your decisions about features.

If you’re completely unsure where to start, begin looking at your competitors. See what their users say about the features of these apps, and where there are gaps or deficiencies that you could fill.

Define Your Purpose

Once you’ve done your research, you can define your overall purpose for creating the app.

What is the core, base purpose of the app, and how will users benefit from it?

These are concepts you’ll use not just in development but marketing as well because you’ll want to focus not on features, but on benefits. Here you’re working backward. Think about the benefits you want to deliver, and then you can start to solidify your must-have features.

You also want to think about that one thing that your app is going to do better than all others. That doesn’t mean you have just one feature, but you should be able to define that key feature that is the very best part of your app and delivers the most value to your user.


Even if you think you have a definite list of features to include in your app, once you start the development process you may discover these aren’t all feasible, so it’s good to have a list of priorities in place already if this scenario does arise.

If you do end up having to cut features, you can do so in a more strategic, streamlined and organized way.

Finally, always think about the user experience when you’re deciding on features. If you have amazing features but a complex user experience, it’s not likely to be a successful app. It’s better to cut down on features and to maintain excellent UX as opposed to the opposite.