How Technology Is Transforming the World for the Better

Technology is reshaping the world as we know it, transmuting old ways of doing things into more efficient ways of getting things done. It’s impacting our personal lives, through innovations like wearables and vapes. And it’s transforming the landscape of business, medicine, and education.

Let’s take a closer look at how technology is making it easier to achieve personal goals, as well as how it’s improving the world of business, medicine, and education.

Making Better Personal Choices

1. Quit smoking.

Many people continue to smoke, although it’s no secret that smoking is hazardous both to themselves and other people. They smoke because the craving to enjoy a cigarette is stronger than any perfectly sensible reason to quit.

The invention of the electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, helps people quit smoking by providing them with a way to simulate the satisfaction of inhaling tobacco smoke. The best e liquid products even make using an e-cigarette more fulfilling than puffing on their favorite brand of cigarette by adding a variety of wonderful flavors. Now, instead of choosing to smoke, people prefer to vape.

2. Get fitter.

After recovering from a health issue, listening to a doctor’s warning to get more exercise, or making a New Year resolution, many people decide to “get into shape.” Unfortunately, they return to their sedentary habits within a few weeks or months of making their resolution.

While these people are quick to blame their relapse on insufficient will-power or a hectic schedule, there’s a little more going on. One of the primary reasons they stop exercising is because they aren’t fully aware of how little activity they do in a day. Since they feel that they’ve been busy all day long, they naturally assume that they’ve more than made up for their missed evening walk.

Wearable devices replace these biased self-evaluations with an evidence-based approach. By reviewing real-time data, users can appreciate how many steps they took in a day, how many calories they burned, and how many hours of sleep they got at night. This continuous biometric monitoring alerts users about what’s really going on.

Because of this feedback, users can take proactive steps to hit the right numbers each day. They can, for instance, make sure that they walk at least 5,000 steps a day, burn as many calories as they consume, and get as many hours of sleep a night as they need to feel refreshed the next day.

Figuring Out Better Processes

1. Improve business processes.

Business software allows an organization to find ways of measuring productivity, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk.

A wide selection of business software makes it simple to understand complex processes, like evaluating job performance, employee satisfaction, customer focus, and business results.

2. Keep better medical records.

For many years, healthcare practitioners relied on pen and paper to maintain patients’ health records. This required staff to struggle with an exponentially growing mountain of paperwork and filing and accessing records became both frustrating and time-consuming.

All this has now changed. Electronic Health Records (EHR) make it almost effortless to record, file, access and transfer a patient’s health information.

Compared to paper-based record-keeping, EHRs save time, provide convenience, and make communication straightforward. The use of EHRs also make prescribing medications safer and improves patient care coordination.

3. Learn better in school.

Technology has provided numerous benefits in the classroom.

Teachers can now personalize education based on their unique learning styles.

Instant access to information makes it far easier for students to catch up on missed lessons and do independent research on a learning project.

Because of these and other benefits of educational technology, students are more engaged and better prepared to enter the workplace.

A More United World

In our personal lives and in many areas like business, medicine, and education, technology is proving to be of great benefit. But these positive changes aren’t just due to the fact that computing devices are better than most humans when it comes to calculating variables, crunching numbers and presenting information in a lucid format. At the heart of these advances in personal and societal growth is the internet, a vast repository of information that’s accessible to almost anyone on earth. Technology is uniting humanity in a way no one in previous centuries could ever have imagined.