How to Be More Tech Savvy as an Entrepreneur

Working with technology is a key aspect of being an entrepreneur. Whether you’re running a business online or have both a bricks & mortar store and an online website to manage, being tech savvy has become a critical factor in improved performance for entrepreneurial businesspeople.

Here are a few ways to quickly raise your tech game.

Handle Email Efficiently

Email never stops. It keeps arriving and dealing with it quickly wears everyone down. An effective strategy is required to manage the influx and not have it derail your day. Firstly, deal with the problem of spam emails that waste your time looking at them and also pose security risks. Use email protect software Altospam to avoid the email arriving on the company’s email server.

Once the spam is handled, get into the habit of checking the day’s email and process any backlog progressively over time. Unsubscribe from unimportant newsletters that are no longer useful to you. Set alerts for important senders and disable the general email alert that pings with every new email received. Keep your focus on your work tasks and out of your inbox.

Master Your Desktop Software

When you don’t know how to use software tools well, they hold you back. You have to rely on a secretary to complete the Word document or an accountant to produce or modify the spreadsheet. You’re much better off investing sufficient time to learn the basics of the software that you must use in your daily work. Consider signing up for an or course to teach you the basic and intermediate level information on software that’s regularly used. Alternatively, there are plenty of excellent YouTube videos that show step-by-step how to use different software packages.

Invest a little time now – even if you must do so in the evenings or at the weekend – and reap the benefits in your daily working life. It’s only then that you’ll realize how a lack of knowledge and experience on the software side was really holding you back.

Use Mobile Apps

Maximizing your time by dealing with issues on the run allows you to get more done in a day. Dead time while commuting and waiting for meetings to start can be turned into useful time to process email, make a list of notes, or update a financial spreadsheet with projections for the coming quarter.

There are plenty of mobile apps that make good use of tablets and smartphones for casual and business use. Note taking apps are good for taking down quick ideas. To Do list apps like To Do, ToDoist, and Remember the Milk all work well to make lists of tasks to be completed, group them into projects and assign them to different people. You can also view a YouTube video with business content that’s relevant to you or listen to a podcast while commuting. No internet signal while on the move? Download them before you head to the office.

Becoming even a little bit better with technology goes a long way to improving overall performance. You avoid losing productive time while trying to figure out basic things because you haven’t learned how yet. Stopping to learn them now continues to pay dividends every day for years to come.