How to Save Money on Music Streaming for Students

When becoming a student, it is wise to know of the best offers and deals available for music streaming to ensure you get the best price. Here are 5 tips and tricks on how you can save money on music streaming.

Free Trials

To entice students, many music services offer free trials. Streaming platforms such as Tidal, Google Play and Spotify offer a 30-day free trial whilst Apple Music can offer you 90 days. Many of the music services offer extended deals, so it is best to research into what platform can suit your needs. Although most of the free trials are for one use only, Amazon Prime Music allows you one month every year where you will be also able to benefit from TV and film streaming.


One thing you will need to be aware of and put up with is advertisements. If you are opting for a free trial initially, you will be subjected to a stream of adverts. The obvious benefit is free music streaming, however depending on your patience, you may want to begin a paid subscription immediately to avoid having to sit through a large quantity of adverts. However, the number of adverts you will get depends on the music service you opt for, so it is best to speak to other students who are already streaming so you know which is the best for you.

Special Offers

As a student, you will have many advantages and special offers given to you. Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music are just some streaming platforms that provide special student subscriptions which can give you discounts. However, you will be required to show student verification so make sure you have this on hand to get the most out of your streaming and to save you money in the long run.

Beware of Auto Renewals

If you are on a free trial, it can be very easy to forget when the trial ends. Many music services have auto renewal enabled, meaning you will automatically be charged if you forget to cancel you trial. When signing up, be aware of when the trial ends so you can cancel and eliminate the risk of having to pay the full price. The cancellation process can be completed in a matter of minutes and is easy to do.

Do Your Research

Take the time to investigate many of the streaming services available. Just because one is more popular than the other does not mean it is always the right choice. It is likely that other students will not all be using the same music services so make sure to ask your friends on what deals are available and the benefits they get so you can pick the right music service for you. Another way to cut down costs is by transferring YouTube songs onto your iTunes. Websites like will provide you with the instructions you need.

Make sure that you take the time to read the small print before signing up for music streaming. It is important that you understand the terms and conditions beforehand, so you don’t end up paying more than you intend to.