Photogenic places – 5 beautiful spots in NJ

We all at one point of time would have run to spots where we could give our photogenic faces some extra colour, or give our DSLR’s some life at exotic locations. That small shuttered lens stops the world wherever you want. So if you are photo freaks, here are some exotic and photogenic locations to definitely pay a visit to on your NJ trips.

New Jersey is a natures beauty imbibed in thriving locations on various parts of the city. Here is a compiled list. If after all these landmarks, you wish to sit down for a game of casino, you can visit Borgata casino and use Borgata Bonus Code to win amazing prizes.

The Palisades cliff

These are cliffs that stretches over the western side of the lower Hudson River. Covering over a thirty miles trail, it is a perfect interstate park which offers extensive beauty along the banks of Hudson. The most potential spot for hikers, this cliff is a location which allures many being the NJ national historic landmark.

Burlington county – cranberry harvest

This region has many picturesque spots to hang out, but out of all is the cranberry harvest season in October that is a mesmerising treat for the eyes. Vast stretches farms turn out bogs of reddish colour spread over the winding pathways; the harvested cranberries are truly an extravagance for nature lovers,

Historic places in Cape May

Being one of the oldest spots of the architectural beauty in new jersey, cape may display a true colour of pre-ancient construction styles remarking the royal and empire styles of buildings. If you are an art lover, you will fall in love with this place.


Nestled beside the beautiful Maurice river, this landscape village was constructed by early 19th and 20th century marine captains. The Maurice River is far stretched outline the village and gives it a perfect beachside looks. It was a part of the Victorian commercial homes of the past.

Ken Lockwood Gorge

This is a natures home kind of place where forested hills have risen from the strewn branches of Raritan river. With each seasonal changes, the places beautifully portray a different scene, iconic locations that you should never miss.

There is lot more of new jersey, that cannot be just contained in this list. Exotic and exhilarating locations that you must pay a visit to. All you need is to explore the spectacular NJ and have a merriment of the lifetime!