Saving Money With a Refurbished Phone

Most of us want to stretch our money further. Just as you can buy a second hand car or a house that’s been lived in before, you can buy a good quality refurbished second hand phone.

You might be a little hesitant at first but there are lots of good reasons to look for refurbished phone deals. A reconditioned phone comes with a warranty when bought from reputable phone dealers like Compare My Mobile, they’ll last a long time, it’s a good thing to do for the environment and importantly, you can save some serious money.


You can buy refurbished phones outright but if money is tight right now the cheapest way to access a high quality phone is to search through contract deals.

A refurbished Apple 64GB iPhone 8 can be brought on contract for as little as £3.99 per month. Comparable deals for a new iPhone 8 begin at around £25 per month.

Similar bargains are available for Samsung Galaxy models, LG, Sony Xperia, and OnePlus.


A mobile phone, whether new or refurbished, is an investment. It should last a long time. So it pays to do some homework to find both your ideal phone and a reputable seller who has a range of good refurbished phone deals.

A reconditioned phone usually has a grade. If you can’t see it, ask the seller.

Decide what you want in your phone. If you really only use it to make calls and send the odd text, do you need the ultra fast processor and huge memory ?


Deciding what refurbished phone is for you is made easier with the widely used grading system :

- Grade A means the phone is near new. It may not be in its original packaging but it is still shiny and blemish free. It works perfectly.

- Grade B indicates that the phone is in very good condition but may have one or two cosmetic scratches or blemishes

- Grade C suggests that the phone will work fine but will look used and have some visible marks and blemishes.

- Finally, Grade D means that the phone definitely looks second hand and has some wear and tear. Not all features may work perfectly.

Clearly, a refurbished Grade A Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to cost more than a Grade D Samsung Galaxy S10. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Scratches, faulty cameras, a small dent, slow to respond touch screen … if these things are not important to you, you can find a rock bottom price Grade D reconditioned mobile phone and get a real bargain.


But if you want as new performance and appearance, you’ll probably veer towards the Grade A refurbished phones.


Contract deals, whether for new or refurbished phones, usually cost more over the long run than buying a handset outright. It’s much the same as buying anything on a monthly plan.

Buying a mobile phone outright requires you to stump up the funds right now. But lots of people can’t and finding refurbished phone deals on a contract makes a lot of sense for them. The already cheap cost of the phone is amortised over a fixed period of time. The monthly costs are low and very easily managed.

It’s a really good option for those people with a tight cash flow.

Whether you are an iPhone boy, a Samsung girl, or prefer brands like Sony, Nokia, or LG, there are lots of refurbished phones on the market that offer both quality and value.

Saving money is always the smart thing to do. Buying a refurbished phone is a great money saving move.