Software Development Outsourcing Companies: Good, Bad And Ugly

Software development is a thriving industry and its growth has been aided by the concept of IT outsourcing. Major technological hubs of the world like USA, Israel, and Germany have been able to carry out large projects, by making use of software development outsourcing companies, at quicker and economical rates. Services in emerging IT markets, like Eastern Europe are relatively cheap yet of high quality. Also, at times, certain expertise required to complete the project may not be available in-house. Through IT software outsourcing, one can get connected to the right people and achieve your goal efficiently.

Process of selecting the best outsourcing company

Now that we have familiarized ourselves as to why we may want to hire a software development outsourcing company, we would now look at the process of getting the best services available.

i)Research the review platforms:

Searching through reliable review platforms is a great way to start the process. Websites such as Clutch and GoodFirms have a vast array of reviews available regarding various services. One can filter through them and get the desired vendor.
An additional benefit of working with these review platforms is that you contribute by adding your own review of the service once your transaction is completed. This will help in creating a perpetual cycle that can be advantageous for others interested in employing different services.

ii) Check the history and size of the company:

After getting a list of possible vendors, next step is to study the software development outsourcing companies individually. A good indicator for the validity of the establishment is its age and time in its respective industry. An older company with tenured employees is less likely to disappoint as they are proven to have a sustainable setup. The exception to this fact is that if the domain of the service is relatively new like blockchain and IoT then the IT software outsourcing can be done on the basis of reputation rather than experience.

iii) Study the company’s portfolio and testimonials:

Diving deeper into the company’s credentials, checking the portfolio and testimonials on their website is very helpful as well. By studying the portfolio, you get to understand the company’s capability in terms of quality and scalability. You can also get a sample of their work in some cases. For instance, if the company has designed a website, you can view their work by visiting it. Similarly, testimonials from clients provide valuable feedback about the strengths of the company which can prove to be the deciding factor in hiring them or not.

iv) Finalize your choice from the short-listed options:

Once the list of possible options has been compiled and short-listed, the final step is to establish contact with the company representatives. This allows you to get firsthand information and conduct negotiations with them. Points such as pricing of the services, deadlines and any special requirements can be discussed in detail. If the talks are successful and the terms are agreed, the order can be placed with the confidence that you will get an end product which will be in accordance to your requirements.