Tips on Choosing the Right Web Host

If you want to run an online business, you should not just simply use a free hosting services to host your website. Your site must load fast if you want people to visit your website. The commercial web hosting is more reliable and many web hosts are offering 99.99% uptime guarantee. The uptime guarantee means that your site will always be accessible by your visitors without any down time. Down time can cost losses to your business since your customers won’t be able to visit your stores during this period. When choosing a web hosting company, you should find one that offers an uptime of more than 95%.

The servers of the commercial web hosting companies are enhanced with security applications that can prevent attacks from hackers. They have technical team that manage the server and supervise it against all types of problems. Many web hosting companies operate their own data centers that are guarded with 24/7 security guards. Some web hosting companies offer you the options to choose the data center location because they have data centers in many countries. Choosing the data center that is nearest to your location allows the server to load faster so that your website can have a better uptime.

Another advantage of purchasing a web hosting plan is that you can get help from the customer support whenever you are facing an issue. Most web hosting companies allows customers to reach out to them through live chat and ticketing support. Many web hosts also provide toll free telephone customer support. As a rule of thumb, you should look for a web hosting company that provides 24/7 customer support at least through email ticket or live chat. There will also be free tutorials that you can reference and learn how to use the web hosting plan.

There won’t be any ads displaying on your webpage since you have already paid for the hosting services. In free hosting, they usually will display ads to cover up the expenses of the hosting. You will be given login to a control panel where you can find various kinds of apps for managing the website chores such as creating emails, MySQL database creation, upload files, and check the site statistics. Cpanel is a common control panel included for free in the shared hosting plan. If cPanel is not provided by the web host, it may offer a proprietary control panel that is designed by the web hosting company itself.

Usually, you get a lot of freebies when you sign up for a web hosting plan. Many site offer freebies like one free domain, free templates, marketing credits, SSL certificate for e-commerce site, and free website transfer. Some web hosting companies only offer a single hosting plan while others provides 3 – 4 plans for you to choose from. Large websites that use a lot of resources will require you to sign up for the highest level of the shared hosting plan. If your website is new and has no visitor, you can sign up with the basic hosting plan that usually allow you to host one website only. You can always get advice from the customer support representative if you are not sure which web hosting plan to sign up.

When comparing the web hosting plans, you should check if it is an unlimited plan or a plan with limits on the disk space and bandwidth. With unlimited plan, you can use as much disk space and bandwidth as you want. When you reach the limit, the web hosting provider will contact you and tell you to upgrade. Web hosting plans that set a limit for the disk space and bandwidth allows you to monitor your resources usage.

The best way to determine if a web hosting company is legit is to read customer reviews. You should google up several sites that contains customers posted reviews on the web hosting company before making a decision. Through reading the reviews, you can decide for yourself whether the web hosting company is reliable. You can also sign up for a trial if it is available from the web hosting company. The trial is usually very cheap to sign up and it gives you an opportunity to explore the features of the web hosting plan.